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Dream away

Dream away

Dream away

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    Dream away
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    Canghai old camel
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    Wine Novel
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-- three years ago, eight years ago, by chance, the author made a decision that looked like a dream at that time - to compete and select team a of the Gobi challenge competition group of Xuanzang Road business school. A long-distance running Xiaobai, who has no basic sports foundation and basic sports conditions, has no time to savor the ditches and canyons crossed in the stage with the alternation of cold and summer, the flow of time and the transformation of space, and has no time to comfort the body whose old pain has not healed and added new injuries. Inadvertently, it has undergone transformation, Before, I yearned for the light of the Golden Avenue, which was hard to extravagant, and unexpectedly came this article records the experience of three years on the road, including training and competition, injury, physical feeling and psychological dynamics, as well as the interaction with peers, coaches and team doctors. According to the chronological order, the author excerpted from the past diary the past three years from June 2013 to may 2016, that is, runners were related to running, especially in the training and selection environment of Changjiang business school, impacting team a and participating in the 11th Gobi challenge the road used to be a rookie may inspire or resonate with those who are about to start or running on the road. Personally, I hope that through written words, my son who has just entered the university campus can browse his father's path and understand the other side of his father who may not know. This form obviously has little effect than preaching alone. It is a great comfort if he can play a role in helping children live an active life and grow up healthily.

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